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Welcome to SparkyStock, and let me introduce you to Sparky. Sparky has spent a lifetime in the Electrical Industry. He is driven by the knowledge and integrity that drives our great industry. He understands that sometime you need the right product and it may not always be available when you need, or for the price you want it, from the manufacturer.

Sparky knows that the right part may be sitting on someone’s shelf, maybe even collecting dust. In fact thousands of the right motors, controls and automation, wire and cable, lighting and tools have already been purchased and are sitting in unused inventory in shops right across Canada. With product from manufacturers that you require, including Eaton, General Electric, Leeson, Sprecher Shuh, Omron , Acquity, Rockwell, Hubbel and more, Sparkystock is the perfect first place to look when you need just the right part or product or have something that you no longer need.

SparkyStock has been developed, under the watchful eye of Sparky, to be the perfect resource for our industry. SparkyStock is only available to those of us who are “inside the industry.” To list a product or to buy a product requires you to login with your Authourized Contractor Number. The site has been designed to easily facilitate the sale of product that one of you no longer needs to someone who can make great use of it.

Think of SparkyStock as our industries own recycling program. One that turns product sitting on a shelf into cash and one that turns a search for that obscure part or product into a completed and more profitable job.

Well now that you have met Sparky, and understand how Sparkystock can work for you… its time to get started. Simply register or sign in as a seller to list your product, or search through what is already on the site and ready to help meet your unique needs.